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Nike+ FuelBand SE Rose Gold

While I love the idea of a fitness tracker, I've never been able to keep one on for more than a week or two. As shallow as it might be, I am not a fan of how many of them look and fit. That was until Nike released a limited edition rose gold FuelBand ($169) this past November. Problem was, way back then, I was too slow on picking up one of these, and before I knew it, the FuelBand was sold out.

Lucky for me, it's back! Besides being a great accessory that seamlessly goes with anything I'm wearing, it's helping keep me accountable of how much — or little — I move during the day, something I wasn't getting from my HRM that I only put on for workouts. In total, the FuelBand SE tracks calories, steps, Nike Fuel points, and sleep. It's been eye-opening to see my daily activity log, and it has definitely encouraged me to up my goal each week.

— Michele Foley, editor

Source: Instagram user jaclynemerick