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Kettleworx 8-Week Rapid Revolution DVD Set

I'm a big fan of kettlebells; the calorie burn, the total-body moves, the mix of cardio and strength training make kettlebell workouts a great, efficient option when I'm pressed for time. Even easier? Doing a kettlebell workout in my living room. The KettleWorx 8 Week Rapid Revolution DVD set ($80) features 10- and 20-minute workouts that only require a kettlebell or two to do. Each main workout is divided into cardio, core, or resistance, along with even more directed workouts for your upper or lower body. There's an eight-week calendar and nutrition plan for jump-starting your fitness goals in time for Summer, but I especially like the set because I know I can pop in a DVD depending on what I need to focus on and be done with my workout in the time it would take me to get to my gym.

— LS

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