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Incipio Performance iPhone 5 Armband

I use my iPhone for everything when I run — motivational Spotify playlists, MayMyRun GPS — so I'm constantly sporting an armband. My newest favorite is this happy neon Performance Armband from Incipio ($30). It's supercomfortable on my arm and allows for easy access to my phone. But what I love most is that it's not a boring black design like other armbands; my bright yellow band makes a statement no matter what I'm wearing.

— LS

34 weeks

Hamee Sonata Diary Style Case for
iPhone 5s/5 (Navy Blue) This product is very handy. I am using it all the
time... I always found it annoying to carry my wallet and my mobile at all
places (mostly gym) when I bumped into this product. I love the design and it accommodates
cards and bills in case of emergency. I have been using it for 4 months now and
no defect so far.

34 weeks

Hamee Diary Style Case for iPhone 5s/5
(Camel) is Stylish
and simple. This case does the job...even if you're a phone dropper. I really
like it. But overall, a nice case for the price....lots of compliments on it

35 weeks

Hamee Dicapac Water Proof Smartphone Case 5.5in
worked really well. I got it because we were going on a cruise and I wanted to
use my phone camera for snorkeling photos. Seeing underwater was tough but I
did get some good shots. Out of the water the images were very clear and I
didn't have to worry about my phone getting wet. No leaking at all… Great

35 weeks

Hamee iFace identity Will Speaker iPhone 5/iPhone 5s Case (Spring Song) is
definitely good for me. When I play Angry Birds or some other games, I can't
hear it well because my hands usually cover the speaker. So, if I use this
incredible case, I can enjoy playing Angry Birds & other games while adding
a great design.

36 weeks

Hamee Simplism Crystal Clear
Antibacterial iPhone 5c Case (Black) is seriously dust/dirt proof. Took it to the beach, hiking and
nothing got stuck on. It shook right off. Great Product….

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