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Michelle Bridges 60-Minute Workout
Warmup Rowing machine 3 minutes, plus 500-meter (1/3 mile) sprint
Extra Warmup Treadmill jog 20 minutes (5-6 mph, 2% incline), or 10 minutes at 5-6 mph (2% incline) plus 10 minutes at 3.5 mph (12% incline)
(20 reps each)
Walking push-ups with one hand elevated
Forward and backward jumps
Standing shoulder press with barbell
Ice skaters
Backward power lunge, 20 each leg
Sideways running, 5 steps each way
Repeat circuit 3 times.
Final Blast Cycle 5 minutes
Ab Circuit
(20 reps each)
Supported crunch with medicine ball
Supported crunch with medicine ball with twist
Supported crunch (no ball)
Repeat ab circuit 3 times.
Stretch Cooldown stretches