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What to Eat

  • Fiber-rich fresh foods: High-fiber fresh foods are truly some of your best defense against a bound-up belly. A produce-dense salad like this apple and cabbage detox salad or Jennifer Aniston's favorite quinoa salad (pictured) will support your body's needs naturally.
  • The right snacks: Instead of snacking on empty calories or whatever's available, make a smarter choice at snack time. If you're always on the go, keep these high-fiber store-bought snacks in your purse for when hunger strikes.
  • Probiotics: If you've recently been on antibiotics and are having trouble going to the bathroom, probiotics can change the game. Probiotics help rebuild that good bacteria and support digestion. You can take a supplement from the health food store, or start incorporating these probiotic-rich foods like yogurt or kombucha into your diet.
  • Photo: Lizzie Fuhr