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Lulitonix Blended Greens

As much as I love cold-pressed juice, the idea of a cleanse always seems ridiculous to me. Then a weekend rolls around that leaves me feeling a bit like a curly fry — dripping in grease and covered in salt. Suddenly I have a epiphany that a cleanse would be great, "Let's do this!" I tell myself. But then I remember the important stuff: there's no fiber in juicing, but there sure is a lot of sugar.

This is where Lulitonix Blended Greens ($9-$12) come in; they have all the good stuff you want from a green juice and keep all that other good stuff — hello, fiber! — in the bottle. Think of it like a blended smoothie, but unlike Odwalla, it's not full of sugar and overpowered with fruit. Lulitonix contains tons of leafy greens, as well as good-for-you herbs and spices like mint, ginger, and cinnamon. And for you superfood fanatics, there are even chia blends. While I have yet to embark on a Lulitonix cleanse, I have definitely had one of these as a meal replacement on those days where I just feel a little sluggish and heavy and need a reset. The result is always a lighter and more alert me who is ready to jump back on the healthy-eating train.

— Michele Foley, editor