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Reverse Warrior Pose

Take the edge off your back and stretch a tight side body out long with Reverse Warrior — and don't be concerned with how far back your top arm can reach! You want to feel a big stretch in the side of your body while keeping your bent knee in line. You'll lose the integrity of this pose (and might pull something else!) if you attempt to reach back too far.

  • From Warrior 2, gently arch back and rest your left hand on the back of your left leg. Raise your right arm overhead, feeling the stretch through the right side of the body. Make sure you continue to lower your hips and press your front knee forward so it's directly over your right ankle.
  • Remain here for five breaths. Lift your torso up, place your hands on the floor, and move back into Downward Facing Dog. Step your left foot forward, and do this pose on the left side.

Source: Louisa Larson Photography

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