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Morning Time-Saver

After lunch is in the bag (literally), take a little time to prepare tomorrow's breakfast. Eating breakfast is one way to jumpstart your metabolism, and if it's full of fiber and protein, you'll feel satisfied all morning long — hunger- and energy-wise — which eliminates the urge to snack on more calories. Instead of grabbing a quick bowl of cereal, a sugar-laden scone at the local coffee shop, or (gasp!) skipping out on breakfast altogether because you're rushed, making breakfast at night will save time and calories.

If smoothies are your thing, premake these freezer packs, so you can throw them in the blender and be slurping down your first meal at the kitchen table or on the go. Overnight oats are also extremely filling, or go for this apple cinnamon quinoa bake. In the mood for something different that has debloating powers? This chia seed pudding makes mornings delicious. Once breakfast is made, you're also more likely to wake up energetic and excited.

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