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All Paleo, All the Time

Well, at least most of the time. It was great to see such high-quality foods available at the CrossFit Games — you usually don't see the words "organic" and "grass-fed" advertised when you're at a sporting complex, or even vendors proudly proclaiming the existence of spinach salad on their menus, for that matter. But lest you think that you'll never see a piece of bread again if you want to be a serious CrossFit contender, think again: even the pros indulge in non-Paleo foods from time to time. Lindsey says that her normal Paleo and Zone diets "go out the window," during competition time, since she has so much adrenaline. "I'll eat a hamburger, I'll eat bread, I'll eat peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches," she says. CrossFit Games veteran Josh Everett puts it this way: "Paleo or whole foods is the foundation, but I'm not super strict."

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