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Day 5

Workout: You've completed four days of intense workouts that have kept your heart rate up and muscles burning. Today it's time to pull back a bit and allow your body the rest it needs to recharge itself for tomorrow's workout. As any trainer will tell you, a rest day is just as important as a workout.

Don't forget, though, that a day of rest doesn't always have to equal inactivity. Opt for some light cardio like a walk around the neighborhood, which will help get the blood flowing to tired muscles. If that doesn't appeal to you, give your body the stretch it needs by flowing through a restorative yoga sequence or just enjoy a relaxing night in.

Recipe: Is it happy hour yet? Our pineapple mojito can be made sans alcohol, but regardless of whether you leave the rum in or out, the cold-pressed juice contains pineapple and mint, which are both known for their detoxing and debloating benefits.

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