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Day 10

Workout: If you're short on time today, this 30-minute elliptical workout is just for you. It gets you in and out of the gym fast, while burning a substantial amount of calories to boot. And since intervals blast belly fat, this is a great midweek workout to do, especially if you're bored of the treadmill or need to fit in a workout at lunch.

Recipe: For a quick detoxifying meal, this crunchy cabbage and hemp salad does what you need, deliciously. It's chock full of fiber to help regulate bloating and digestion, and it's easy to throw together on a busy weekday.

Bonus: Feeling a bit sluggish? Whip up a chia, supergreens, and coconut water superfoods shot, which is full of fiber and is perfect for a morning boost. Celebrity trainer Valerie Waters recommends her clients chug this drink before a morning workout for an extra energy boost.

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