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No really - Eat Your VEGGIES!!!

Am I a broken record? Probably, because I am going to tell you all to eat your fruits and veggies. I know I am probably preaching to the choir, I mean you are already reading FitSugar, right? Maybe you can use this post to light the fire under your veggie phobic friends.

Science Daily is reporting that according to two recent studies, Americans are not eating enough fruits and veggies. The dietary guidelines strongly suggest that folks eat 3 helpings of vegetables and 2 servings of fruit daily, but as a nation we are falling woefully short of these requirements. By now it should be common knowledge that eating a diet high in fruits and vegetables is associated with decreased risk of obesity and certain chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes and some cancers.

I find the following statistic most disturbing:

Approximately 62% (of study participants) did not consume any whole fruit servings and 25% of participants reported eating no daily vegetable servings.

The study involved almost 15,000 adults, so that is a lot of folks not eating their veggies.

Want some tips on easy ways to up your intake of fruits and vegetables? Then

  • Eat fruit at breakfast to get one serving out of the way. Half a grapefruit counts as a serving of fruit, so that is one less piece of fruit to eat during the rest of your day.
  • Add fruit to your breakfast cereal or oatmeal - a banana or some berries.
  • If you make eggs for breakfast, throw in some tomatoes, spinach and or broccoli to your scramble.
  • Steam veggies for dinner, make extra and add them to your lunch salad. A salad with extra green beans is what I call doubling up.
  • Apples, bananas and oranges are so easy to transport. You can just throw them in your purse, gym bag or briefcase so you have one on hand for a snack on the go.
  • Use crudite for dips instead of chips. Carrots, celery, red pepper strips all make great vehicles for dip. My favorite dip being hummus which counts as a veggie since it is made out of garbanzo beans.
  • Eat pasta? Then add veggies to your tomato sauce (even if it is pre-made jarred sauce). You can add carrots, greens, or fresh tomatoes if you have them on hand.
  • If you eat out, order salads and veggie sides.

So folks, jump on the fruit and veggie train. Check out Party Sugar's tasty Stir-Fried Vegetables, it is sure to inspire you. If you have any other fruit and vegetable "serving suggestions" - let me know below.

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