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10 Fonts That Will Make You Hungry

Jan 23 2008 - 3:43pm

There are a lot of interesting fonts available for people to download or purchase, but I bet you would be surprised to discover how many of them are food related. If you're looking for something to spruce up your next party invite, then look no further. I've hunted down 10 food-related fonts that will definitely get folks talking.

Turkey Time

Throwing a turkey party? Why not use this free, ridiculous fun turkey-inspired font [1].


If you can't afford monogrammed plates, then this place-setting font [2] will have to do.

Candy Time

Life could be sweet with this candy-time font [3].

Bring Home the Bacon

Don't forget to bring home the bacon [4]. Note: This site also has a font for corn and cheese.


Speaking of cheese, it wouldn't be a font collection without something cheesy [5].


This woodcut-like font is called Counterscraps [6].


Everyone loves cupcakes [7], even when they're drawn on paper.

Fortunate Ones

Predict the future with this fortune-cookie font [8].

Sugar Coma

Spruce up your papers with a little bit of this sugary sweet font [9].

Eat It Up

Looks like someone thought this ate-up font [10] was tasty!

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