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10 Ways With a Rotisserie Chicken

Feb 15 2011 - 4:42am

There's no better meal than roast chicken [1]. After all, chicken is the go-to protein [2] for many of you, and well, what's easier to enjoy than a plump rotisserie? While I love savoring the chicken's crispy skin and succulent meat right out of the rotisserie oven, here are a few ways I also incorporate it into my weeknight meals.

Make chicken soup for the soul.

Rotisserie chicken incorporates easily into a tongue-numbing chicken tortilla soup [3].

Take a cue from the 'que.

Instead of a barbecue brisket or pulled-pork sandwich, shred your chicken [4] and mix it with a finger-lickin' cola barbecue sauce [5]. Sandwich it between two halves of a roll, and you've got yourself some barbecued love!

Add heft to an otherwise light salad.

Incorporate a bit more meat into a healthy Asian-inspired salad [6], or mix shredded breast into classic coleslaw [7] for a meal in minutes.

One word: quesadillas!

Make chicken even more of a crowd-pleaser by sneaking some meat into Katie Lee's buffalo chicken quesadillas [8]. Serve them as a simple entrée, or cut small slivers and offer them to guests as finger food.

Make it easy as (pot) pie.

With the help of a rotisserie and prepared pie crusts, chicken pot pie [9] suddenly gets much simpler. Make it on a slow Sunday night, and enjoy a slice every day for the rest of the week.

Rotisserie: a quick and dirty enchilada filling.

Toss leftover light or dark meat with roasted tomatillo chile salsa (or a good store-bought brand, if you're tight on time) for the easiest enchilada filling ever [10].

Add oomph to your sandwich.

Whether it's a grilled cheese or an avocado tomato melt, we're pretty sure that your sandwich [11] will like the addition of some juicy rotisserie chicken.

Take stock of the bones.

Don't think of throwing that carcass away! Instead, use the chicken's bones for making a rich, flavorful stock [12].

Chicken salad: it's good on everything.

Whether your vehicle's a crunchy celery stick, a piece of sandwich bread, or a saltine cracker, dressing it with salad made from rotisserie chicken [13] is guaranteed to make it better.

Toss it alongside pasta or grains.

Rotisserie's an easy add-in for pasta salads, whether it's a Mediterranean version with olives [14], our sun-dried tomato favorite [15], a simple pesto variation [16], or even a healthy quinoa toss [17].

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