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Food Trucks Galore at Carts in the Parc

Oct 3 2011 - 12:21am

From seminars to tastings and everything in between, I've had a lot of fun attending this year's NYC Wine & Food Festival [1]. But even though I loved the grand tasting [2] and Friday night's star-studded Burger Bash [3], if you ask me, the best event of the weekend was Carts in the Parc [4], an outdoor gathering of more than a dozen food trucks that are not just a quintessential part of New York's food scene, but a seminal influence on the street food movement in general. From chicken biryani to Chinese pickles and pork, this event had world-class everything. Keep reading to take another look at the Carts in the Parc Event at the NYC Wine & Food Festival.

The "Parc"

Carts in the Parc took place at the courtyard of the Eventi hotel.

Porchetta sandwich

Spit-roasted porchetta sandwiches from host Andrew Zimmern and celebrity chef Michael White of New York's Marea.

The band

The crowd rocked out to the band's folksy tunes.

Biryani Cart

Popular Manhattan Indian fix The Biryani Cart served kati rolls and chicken biryani.

Chicken biryani

Of everything I tried the entire day, I was most transfixed by the chicken biryani from The Biryani Cart. It was heavily spiced, flavorful, and full of succulent chicken. And that basmati rice! It wasn't dry or hard; just fluffy as can be.

Strategic eaters

With so many attendees and plenty of lines, many festivalgoers came in with a plan in mind.

Big Gay Ice Cream Truck

Ginger curry shake "shots" from the legendary Big Gay Ice Cream Truck.

Mermaid Sundae

The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck's mermaid sundae, a layered parfait of vanilla ice cream, key lime curd, graham crackers, and whipped cream.


FoodParc, New York restaurateur Jeffrey Chodorow's new food court, housed even more food.

Lobster Sliders

Lobster sliders from Ed's Raw Bar inside the Eventi's FoodParc.

Dim Sum Bites

The RedFarm Stand inside the Eventi's FoodParc offered a duo of dim sum-inspired items: a shrimp-and-pork siu mai dumpling topped with woodear mushrooms, and an American-Chinese creation, an avocado tart topped with fried fish.

Blueberry Arnold Palmer Slushie

Who says arnold palmers have to be liquid? Kelvin Natural Slush Co. doesn't agree. They served their rendition with a swirl of blueberry purée.

Lamb ribs

China Grill's lamb rib topped with a sesame and hoisin glaze.

Red Velvet Whoopie Pie Ice Cream Sandwich

Red velvet, whoopie pies, and ice cream sandwiches are all pretty delicious. But did you hear that noise? That's the sound of my brain exploding when all three of them are combined together. This genius idea was courtesy of Melt Bakery, which filled its sandwiches with impossibly smooth cream cheese ice cream.


The Mexicue truck, a mash-up of Mexican and — you guessed it — barbecue.

Mexicue's Burnt Ends Chili Slider

Inspired by the sloppy joe, a slider filled with BBQ burnt ends chili, cilantro-lime crema, and house-pickled jalapeños. Spicy!

The Milk Truck

Los Angeles isn't the only city with a grilled cheese truck [5]. The Milk Truck in New York also serves up melted cheese in between toasted bread.

Grilled Cheese!

The Milk Truck offered aged gruyere, cheddar, and blue with caramelized onions and rosemary pullman bread. I'm not easily impressed by grilled cheese, but I was wowed by the combination of flavors.

Schnitzel & Things

One of New York's most famously inventive trucks, Schnitzel & Things, was at the event in full force.


Pork schnitzel with aioli, buttery potato salad, and braised red cabbage reflect the current obsession around German cuisine.

Bian Dang

I'd been dying to try Bian Dang, a food truck that serves Taiwanese specialties (in Chinese, bian dang refers to the cardboard lunch box that houses takeout meals).

Taiwanese-style Fried Pork Chop

Bian Dang served a platter of Taiwanese-style fried pork chops with suan cai, or pickled vegetables, that were made in-house.

Venezuelan truck Patacon Pisao was handing out patacones, green plantain sandwiches made with fried plantains, pork, and cheese, then paired with a chipotle sauce.

Taïm Falafel

Taïm Falafel's namesake: crispy-on-the-outside, moist-on-the-inside falafel lathered in a tahini-and-parsley dressing.

Rouge Tomate

Manhattan restaurant Rouge Tomate has a cart, which was at the event as well.

Autumn Squash Soup

Rouge Tomate's dish spoke perfectly to the rainy Fall weather. It was velvety squash soup with apples, toasted pumpkin seeds, and pumpkin oil.

Sweet Street Desserts

Definitely a sweet ending: buttery toffee crunch blondies studded with Heath toffee and chocolate chunks at the Sweet Streets Dessert truck.

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