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Satisfy Your Snack Attack With These Instagram Ideas

Mar 2 2013 - 4:25am

When the clock strikes 3, it's time for a bite. Sweet, salty, or crunchy snacks can satisfy any craving while holding you off until the main event — dinner. Searching to mix up our midday grumbles, we turned to our readers for a little Instagram inspiration. From small plates like zucchini fries to a good ol' classic cupcake, social-media snackers are filled with ideas. Take a look at a few of the nibbles that caught our eye, and tag your own bites #savorysight on Twitter [1] and Instagram [2]. After all, what's the afternoon without a little treat?

Rainbow Cookies

Homemade rainbow cookies are a brightly colored sweet treat.

Source: Instagram User poolovesboo [3]

Cinnamon Rolls

Mini cinnamon rolls make a gooey midmorning treat.

Source: Instagram User jennredwards [4]

Fresh Cookie

A giant cookie will satisfy any sweet tooth.

Source: Instagram User poolovesboo [5]


Nothing beats a bowl of fresh berries.

Source: Instagram User aarynmelisa [6]


Cupcakes are the perfect snack . . . always!

Source: Instagram User itsjoycie [7]


Peanut butter granola is a great pick-me-up.

Source: Instagram User lorihost [8]

Bread With Oil and Vinegar

Before dinner, serve your guests fresh bread, oil, and vinegar as a predinnertime snack.

Source: Instagram User itsjoycie [9]

Mini Pop Tarts

Mini pop tarts with vanilla icing. Need we say more?

Source: Instagram User nikkisoda [10]


If you're craving more than a small bite, opt for a slice of pizza topped with veggies.

Source: Instagram User poolovesboo [11]

Zucchini Fries

Zucchini fries are a healthy take on a classic fried nibble, french fries.

Source: Instagram User lorihost [12]

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