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Algorithm for Perfect Pho

One of my favorite places for pho is Pho Y #1 in San Jose. The pho there is pretty great and the entire place smells amazingly of basil. However my favorite part of the experience is the menu. On the back of the menu there is an algorithm of pho service. I snagged a picture last time I was there, click on the picture for a larger view, and if you're having a hard time reading it, here's what it says:

Algorithm Of Pho Service
The Health-Concious Choice!

Chef Block
1. Start
2. Prepare & Cook Bouillon for 8 hours - Beef steak, beef bones, water and special spices
3. Steam Rice Noodle - Best brand, approved by the US Customs & Health Dept
4. Slice Raw or Well Done Fresh Beef Steak - Approved by USDA in the market
5. Serve the above in a bowl - May be yours first, second, or third bowl ordered
6. Prepare side dish of fresh vegetable - Available seasonal

To see the rest, read more

Customer Block
7. See Menu - Choose your item number
8. Look at Your Bowl! - A good bowl of PHO should stimulate all your senses
9. Add spices, black pepper, chili and hoisin sauce - according to your taste
10. Mix the ingredients - Use chopsticks, a soup spoon, and/or a fork to eat PHO
11. Squeeze a piece of juicy lime yet? - To arouse the flavor of PHO

If your answer is no then:
12. Do it now - go back to step 11

If your answer is yes then:
13. Enjoy! - Relish until the last spoon

14. Do You Want More?

If your answer is yes then:
15. Please order again - go back to step 7

If your answer is no then:
16. French coffee and/or dessert is recommended - Make your choice
17. End - Please welcome back again and again!

A courtesy of Pho Y #1 Noodle Soup for your enjoyment of the most popular and traditional Vietnamese national dish.



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