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All the News That's Fit to Eat - March 21

All the News That's Fit to Eat - March 21

    Here's what's going on in the food news around the country - and sorry, a few of these do need logins...

  • Sayonara bottled water, free carafes of tap water, still or jazzed up by a soda-fountain style carbonating machine, is all the rage. It's free and helps with the whole sustainability movement. As the folks at Chez Panisse said, "shipping bottles of water from Italy doesn't make sense." - San Francisco Chronicle
  • Looks like Julia may have been wrong, you don't have to use good wine to come up with some great results. Speaking of wine, the Navarre region of Spain has been producing some notable wines. - New York Times
  • To some spring time means fresh asparagus, to New Englanders, it means fresh maple syrup.- Boston Globe
  • So you bought a whole fish, now what? Well, you've definitely got choices, here's one fish, five ways. Plus don't miss out on these bartender tricks you can do at home.- LA Times

  • Mario Batali is a busy man, he's got a new upcoming Spanish television show, and yet Mario still has time for his fans. - Chicago Tribune
  • Since everyone seems to be pressed for time these days, these helpful no-cook pasta sauces will definitely hit the spot. - Houston Chronicle
  • And finally, the Washington Post has revamped their food section. Unfortunately, you'll still need a login to check it all out. - Washington Post
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