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Forget About Your Singledom and Celebrate V-Day With Drinks, Carbs, and Chocolate

Feb 14 2015 - 9:00am

Even if Valentine's Day really isn't your thing, there's no reason to sit inside and sulk on Feb. 14. Use this day as an excuse to gather your girlfriends, drink a little too much, and indulge in a carb overload! Binge on some Netflix guilty pleasures and munch on the richest, messiest, most unromantic foods you can think of, because, well, who cares if you have a food baby?

Pop Rocks Margarita

Let the party begin with something sizzling: a Pop Rocks margarita [1]. The rim and the cocktail both contain the snapping sugar.

Old Fashioned

For those who may need to take the edge off quicker, we recommend a whiskey-based drink like an old fashioned [2]. Who cares if you get a little too buzzed? It'll make the night all the more fun.

Cheese Ball

It may be scientifically proven that a cheese ball [3] makes you happier. Just be sure to pick up enough crackers to lay it on this mound of glory.

Garlic Bread

We welcome all things garlicky at an anti-Valentine's Day party. Eat as much garlic bread [4] as you want, and don't even think twice about it.

Shredded Brussels Sprouts, Kale, and Kumquat Salad

To counter all the carb-y goodness of this menu, enjoy this cruciferous shredded brussels sprouts salad [5] with kumquats and dried cranberries. Greens are sexy.

Caramelized Garlic and Parmesan Pasta

Nosh on an incredibly garlicky dish like caramelized garlic and parmesan pasta [6]. It'll be the best Valentine's Day experience you've ever had.

Lamb With Pesto

There's something downright powerful about chewing meat off the bone. Get your fingers dirty with pesto-topped lamb chops [7].

Chocolate-Covered Bacon

Heartbreaks stand no chance up against chocolate-covered bacon [8]. It's a guaranteed smile-inducer.

Cake-Mix Cookies

It's anti-Valentine's Day, and you don't have to slave in the kitchen to satisfy your sweet tooth. Bake up something that tastes of your childhood, like these yellow cake-mix cookies [9].

Slutty Brownies

Take things a step further with slutty brownies [10], with layers of Funfetti, Oreo, and fudgy brownies.

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