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Whet Your Appetite With an Elegant Aperitif

Jul 14 2014 - 12:55pm

In honor of Bastille Day, or French National Day, we'll be awakening our appetites with an aperitif, a light and refreshing French-inspired predinner drink. From a bold and boisterous negroni to a delicate sparkling grapefruit-Lillet concoction, these nine enticing recipes are worth adding to your bartending repertoire.

— Additional reporting by Hilary White


Bittersweet, complex, and composed of Campari, sweet vermouth, and gin, the negroni [1] is not a cocktail for the faint of heart, but it's a sophisticated taste worth acquiring. Once you're hooked, you'll never look back.

Photo: Nicole Perry

Sparkling Lillet and Grapefruit Cocktail

Kick your evening off right with this elegant Lillet and sparkling wine based cocktail [2] — bonus points if you serve it in a dainty coupe [3] — that's further enhanced with a splash of grapefruit bitters and an orange peel.

Photo: Nicole Perry

Redheaded Ginger

Fruity and complex, a Lillet Rouge aperitif shines bright when paired with ginger beer and a grapefruit garnish for an exceptionally easy-to-make redheaded ginger [4] cocktail.

Photo: Nicole Perry

Aperol Spritz

A popular Italian aperitif, this effervescent, bittersweet, wine-based cocktail [5] is an excellent option for languid, lazy days.

Photo: Nicole Perry

Hummingbird Cocktail

This delicate sparkling wine cocktail [6] bursts with St. Germain's elderflower flavor.

Sparkling Pomegranate

A pomegranate-laced riff on the classic aperitif the kir royale, this ruby-hued stunner [7] is easy to make yet full-flavored thanks to a combination of sweet-tart pomegranate liqueur and sparkling wine.

Photo: Nicole Perry

Citrus Quo

Upgrade your standard gin and tonic to a zingy Citrus Quo [8] — all it needs is an extra dash of limoncello and the addition of Luxardo Aperitivo to make it go from average to intoxicating.

Photo: Nicole Perry

Gin and It

Simple and satisfying as all get out — believe it or not, it clocks in at a mere two ingredients! — the gin and it [9] is a smooth sipper worth getting acquainted with.

Photo: Lauren Hendrickson


Settle your nerves and your stomach after a harried day with a light and refreshing (and ultrasimple) bicyclette [10]. All you'll need is Campari, your favorite dry white wine, a strip of orange or lemon peel, and crushed ice.

Photo: Susannah Chen

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