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Artist Mark Menjivar's Refrigerator Study

You Are What You Eat: A Study in Consumption

This month, Good magazine features a collection of narrative images that explores the different ways people address food. "You Are What You Eat," a collection of narrative images by artist Mark Menjivar, divulges the contents of various eaters' refrigerators.

One fridge, stacked haphazardly with various styrofoam takeout containers, reflects the night owl habits of a bartender. Another icebox, stocked mostly with beer, coffee drinks, and a lone plate of leftovers, reflects the eating habits of three college students. Even sadder, another contains nothing but mayonnaise and a black plastic bag — it's the fridge of a street advertiser who makes $432 a month in wages.
Menjivar's work reminds us that the food we stock in our refrigerators is as much a footprint of our lives as what we do or how we dress. If I were to publish my own, I would submit the above photo, with the header, "Food Writer | San Francisco, CA | 2-Person Household | Living on soup to get over bronchitis | 2009."

What would yours say? Check out Menjivar's work (below are a few examples) and tell me what you think: are you what you eat?






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