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Knock Your Oscars Party Out of the Park

Feb 20 2012 - 4:32am

This year root for your favorite film by hosting an Oscars party in its honor. So many wonderful movies came out in 2011, and they happen to make excellent themes for parties.

If you're hoping Moneyball [1] takes home the Academy Award, serve up elegant versions of ballpark eats [2]. From pigs in a blanket to homemade Cracker Jack, this spread promises to be not only festive but also deliciously comforting. Read on for our suggestions.

Photo courtesy of Universal Pictures [3]

The Spicy Lady

If you're looking to serve something a little more exciting than beer, try the Spicy Lady [4]. It's a bubbly, spicy, and sweet beer cocktail that sets the tone for the rest of the evening.

Creamy Adobo Nacho Bites

Bring some elegance to nachos with these creamy adobo nacho bites [5]. This cute presentation of a typically messy dish will make you feel like you're at a high-end ballpark.

Soft Baked Pretzels

Serve warm, soft baked pretzels [6] with your own homemade mustard [7] to really impress the crowd.

Pigs in a Blanket

If you don't want to take on the task of grilling up a bunch of hot dogs, make pigs in a blanket [8] and get all of the flavors of the baseball stadium. This recipe is extra easy because it utilizes frozen puff pastry, so you'll be able to make quite a few of these with no trouble at all.

Baked Buffalo Chicken Strips

Chicken strips [9] are a classic baseball snack, and this healthier baked buffalo version is incredibly satisfying.

Homemade Cracker Jack

Impress your guests with a ballpark classic: homemade Cracker Jack [10]. It will make for a nice crunchy, sweet treat to munch on throughout the show.

Chocolate-Dipped Churros

End the night with some sweet, comforting fried treats like chocolate-dipped churros [11].

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