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Baskin Robbins' Pints Don't Add Up

Baskin Robbins' Pints Don't Add Up

When you purchase a pint of ice cream, you expect to receive a pint, right? Somehow the folks that pack the "hand packed pints" at Baskin Robbins didn't realize that. In an investigation of 416 pints, approximately 83% of their hand packed pints have been coming up short - with an an average of 4 oz (that's 25%!). Needless to say, savvy customers realized it and started to complain and Baskin Robbins was eventually slapped with a consumer protection lawsuit. The suit has been settled with the San Diego Attorney General and Baskin Robbins has been ordered to pay a total of $491,000 to the state. As of now, they are no longer offering the pint, but will continue to offer 12-ounce pre-packed containers.

Source: Trendhunter and NBC San Diego

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