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9 Brews to Help Change Your Mind About Beer

Mar 16 2012 - 7:05am

St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner, and no explanation is necessary for this notorious holiday: it's one of the most celebrated days of drinking worldwide. Whether you're celebrating at home with friends or planning on hitting a few pubs, beer is the obvious St. Patty's drink of choice. Even if you're a self-described loather of all things beer, I urge you to think outside the box, and try to taste something a little different this year.

I'm definitely not saying you should go grab a Guinness right away, but if you keep things fresh, fruity, or sweet, you may be singing a different tune. Get ready to drink up with these 10 picks!

Pilsner Urquell

Pilsner Urquell is a delicious golden lager that's a little bit hoppier than what you may have tasted. Regardless, this Czech beauty of a beer won't make you feel too full, but it will leave you refreshed. Plus, the cute green bottle is perfect to get you in the St. Patty's spirit.

Source: Flickr User Robert S. Donovan [1]


Hoegaarden's very pale white ale has got a full dose of citrus flavors, with more lemon than anything else. This wheat beer is one delicious option.

Source: Flickr User kirichkov [2]

Magic Hat #9

Vermont brewers have a reputation for delicious and innovative beers, and in my eyes, Magic Hat always manages to lead the pack. Sweet fruit and the description as a "not quite pale ale" helps #9 stand out from the pack.

Source: Flickr User Sonnett [3]

Flying Dog In-Heat Wheat Hefeweizen

The name is raunchy enough for some serious St. Patrick's Day festivities. Flying Dog's banana-scented In-Heat Wheat Hefeweizen is light and tasty without lacking flavor.

Source: Flickr User cogocogo [4]

Left Hand Juju Ginger

Left Hand Brewery is known for going outside the box, and its Juju Ginger beer is no exception. This earthy and light-bodied beer has got just the right amount of ginger that doesn't overpower.

Source: Flickr User @joefoodie [5]

Blue Moon Belgian White

If you're adamant about not being into beer, Blue Moon's Belgian White should be the first brew you try. It's super-refreshing with strong orange and citrus flavors. Basically, Blue Moon tastes like a perfect Summer day.

Source: Flickr User Smabs Sputzer [6]

Left Hand Milk Stout

If floral or fruity doesn't sound like your idea of a good time, curl up with a bottle of Left Hand Milk Stout. It tastes like a boozy chocolate shake!

Source: Flickr User lynnfennell [7]

Calabaza Blanca

If you've ever been to Ann Arbor, MI, hopefully you've had a chance to check out the delicious beers that hail from the Jolly Pumpkin. And although the name may imply otherwise, not all of its beers are pumpkin-flavored. This particular brew called Calabaza Blanca is aged in oak barrels and spiced with orange peel and coriander.

Source: Flickr User cogocogo [8]

Strongbow Cider

OK, you got me. Strongbow is a hard cider and not a traditional beer, but you won't be lacking any street cred with this pick. I love the tart apple flavor of this delicious libation.

Source: Flickr User SarahSphar [9]

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