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6 Brilliant Brews That Will Kick Off Your Weekend Right

Mar 22 2013 - 12:00pm

While we love a classic lager as much as the next girl, this week we sampled a variety of beers that skewed slightly oddball, from a mouth-puckeringly tart gueuze lambic to a barrel-aged and grape-enhanced brew, with some tamer options in between. Click through for six exceptional options that are bound to expand your palate for beer tasting and provide frothy enjoyment along the way.

Almanac Beer Co. Farmer's Reserve No. 1

Barrel-aged and bolstered with unusual additions including plums and cabernet, muscat, and concord grapes, Almanac's Farmer's Reserve No. 1 [1] is unlike any beer we've ever tried both in terms of its production and its flavor. We'll be sipping this sour stunner on park picnics and pairing it with cheese and charcuterie plates as its berry nose, fermented funk, and prominent oak and grape flavors make it exceptionally food-friendly.

St. Bernardus Wit Belgian Abbey Ale

Slightly cloudy, nutty, spicy, crisp, and exceptionally wheat-forward, this Belgian ale is just the sort of beverage we'd like to leisurely enjoy on a mellow night out or in.

Hitachino Nest Real Ginger Brew

At first whiff of this Japanese ginger-infused brew [2], a heavy soy-sauce-like aroma is unmistakeable. This savory quality holds up on first sip, though it surprised us with a lighter body and subtle ginger flavor, which would pair well with Asian cuisine, particularly sushi.

2012 Goose Island Matilda Belgian Style Ale

Goose Island's Matilda [3] is creamy, sturdy, pleasantly bitter, and an easy sipper, making it a staple of POPSUGAR happy hours. Likewise, we'd suggest it as a solid choice for bringing to a party as it appeals to a large variety of palates.

Deschutes Brewery Mirror Pond Pale Ale

Fruity, bittersweet, and light-bodied, Deschutes Brewery's Mirror Pond Pale Ale [4] is an approachable yet intriguing crowd-pleaser. Even better, it and the brewery's other plethora of brews have homebrew recipes [5] listed on the website, a boon to beer-brewing enthusiasts.

Lindemans Gueuze Cuvée René

Sour-beer fans, listen up: Lindemans' gueuze [6] — a traditional style of Belgian lambic that's twice fermented, resulting in a tart Champagne-like flavor — is just the ticket. While this unusual varietal might not be for everyone — we had a few in our group of tasters who found it too acidic — those who enjoyed it were very much on board, touting its similarity to hard cider or a crisp white wine as positives.

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