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Fill Your Wine Glasses With Every Wine We Tried Last Month

Aug 8 2012 - 12:25pm

Suffering from empty wine glass syndrome? We can treat that, no problem. This month we put forth our best effort to drink up and make a dent in our rapidly expanding wine collection by sampling one wine every single workday [1]. As a result, we tried a little bit of everything, from German sparkling wine to Central California Riesling. Even though we managed to scale back our overwhelming stash, there is still more (much more!) to try; we'll continue to bring you more reviews, but for now, here's a glimpse at each wine we tried last month.

July 3: 2010 Temps de Flors

2010 Temps de Flors [2] ($14) is the sort of wine that can comfortably bridge the gap between devotees to sweeter whites and those whose mantra leans toward "the drier, the better."

July 4: 2010 Sexual Chocolate

Sexual Chocolate [3] ($22), a Zinfandel-Syrah blend, is rich and raisin-y sweet on the palate, with a black pepper finish.

July 5: 2011 Be. Flirty Pink Moscato

Pink and sweet, with a refreshingly dry finish, we imagine 2011 Be. Flirty Pink Moscato [4] ($10) would be an appropriate tipple for a Bachelor viewing or book club meeting.

July 6: 2008 Raumland Blanc de Noirs Vintage Brut

Creamy, smooth, and packed with crisp bubbles, the 2008 Raumland Blanc de Noirs Vintage Brut [5] ($45) from Germany is a complex yet mellow vintage that should be stored away until a noteworthy celebration calls for popping.

July 9: 2010 Stoneleigh Marlborough Pinot Noir

We loved the drinkability of this 2010 Stoneleigh Pinot Noir [6] ($13), which started out with smooth berry notes and ended on an earthy one.

July 10: 2010 Cusumano Insolia

A truly delightful bottle eased the pain of a Monday afternoon: Cusumano's 2010 Insolia [7] ($12), a dry white varietal that hails from the island of Sicily.

July 11: 2011 Rock Wall Grenache Rosé

The 2011 Grenache Rosé from Rock Wall [8] ($18) made a good case for its genre; tart, refreshing, balanced with a subtle sweetness, and perfumed with the scent of strawberries, it was dangerously drinkable.

July 12: 2010 Gary Farrell Sauvignon Blanc

There's hardly a white wine more drinkable for Summer than 2010 Gary Farrell Sauvignon Blanc [9] ($25); its zippy, crisp qualities would highlight Summer vegetables in an exceptional way.

July 13: 2010 Masi Bonacosta Valpolicella

2010 Masi Bonacosta [10] ($14) is as passionate as the Italian land it was cultivated in. The winery's situated close to Verona, and drinking this Valpolicella, you get the sense that this could have been Romeo and Juliet's table wine, too.

July 16: 2011 Yalumba Christobel's Eden Valley Riesling

If there were ever a wine to win the title of Most Beloved Wine at Sugar HQ, it'd have to be Yalumba's 2011 Christobel's Eden Valley Riesling [11] ($12), because the nectarine- and honey-tinged wine emptied before some taste-testing hopefuls were even able to try it.

July 17: 2010 Simi Pinot Noir

When we first tasted the 2010 Simi Pinot Noir [12] ($25), we were pleasantly surprised by the full-bodied ripeness of the wine and its jammy-peppery characteristics.

July 18: Jacob's Creek Sparkling Moscato

We're loving Australian wines lately, especially light, sweet whites, so it only makes sense that the Jacob's Creek Sparkling Moscato [13] ($13) would be an instant Summer favorite. The delicate, light flavor reflects the nonvintage bubbly's relatively low alcohol content, but we think this is a good thing, especially for daytime picnics, boat rides, or trips to the beach.

July 19: 2008 Tatomer Vandenberg Riesling

Everything about the hard-to-find 2008 Tatomer Vandenberg Riesling [14] ($24), from the region to the style to the price, is unexpectedly impressive.

July 20: 2010 Matchbook Rosé of Tempranillo

The guff about Rosé wines is quieting down, but if you are still feeling skeptical, the 2010 Matchbook Rosé of Tempranillo [15] ($10) is a reasonably priced bottle to uncork with its tart and astringent sour cherry scent and ripe, syrupy watermelon flavor.

July 23: 2009 Folie à Deux Cabernet Sauvignon

The 2009 Alexander Valley Folie à Deux Cabernet Sauvignon [16] ($24) translates to "a passion shared by two," and the moderately priced Sonoma County red is a great bottle to enjoy on date nights.

July 24: 2009 Wyndham Estate Bin 222 Chardonnay

Buttery and sweet on the side of the palate with a warm finish, 2009 Wyndham Estate Bin 222 Chardonnay [17] ($10) is like a charred corncob with a knob of sweet cream.

July 25: 2010 Pomelo Sauvignon Blanc

The Pomelo 2010 Sauvignon Blanc [18] ($10) manages to achieve the rare feat of tasting just as advertised: crisply acidic, with notes of pineapple and — you guessed it! — pomelo.

July 26: 2009 Las Rocas Garnacha

Las Rocas's 2009 Garnacha [19], which hails from the southeastern region of Spain, is only $15, and it's full of concentrated, ultra-jammy flavors.

July 27: 2011 Attems Cupra Ramato Pinot Grigio

We oohed and ahhed over the peach hue of 2011 Attems Cupra Ramato Pinot Grigio [20] ($19); after tasting plenty of crisp whites and full-bodied reds for wine month, it was truly something shiny and new.

July 30: 2011 Kyklos Moschofilero

The Kyklos Moschofilero [21] ($10) had a thirst-quenching acidity and tart finish, making it ideal for seafood salads and raw tomato pastas.

July 31: 2011 Georges Duboeuf Beaujolais-Villages

Don't overlook the French region of Beaujolais; it does a wonderful job of producing the light-bodied red-wine varietal known as Gamay, as exemplified here with a 2011 Georges Duboeuf Beaujolais-Villages [22] ($10).

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