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The Year in Celebrity Chef Cooking Advice

Dec 28 2012 - 8:15am

In the past year, we've hit up a number of events where, aside from tasting a number of memorable dishes, we also got to learn the tips and tricks of our favorite star chefs. Bobby Flay revealed some of his no-fail tricks when it comes to frying chicken, and skinny girl Bethenny Frankel shared her secret behind a fruity sangria. Here, we've rounded up our favorite celebrity-endorsed cooking advice.

Andrew Zimmern: Cooking Game

At the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen [1] Andrew Zimmern offered smart advice for cooking wild game [2]: don't prepare it well-done. Because wild game is so lean, cook hooved animals like antelope, venison, elk, or kudu to rare, and then let them sit until they've reached medium-rare before serving.

Fabio Viviani: Making Fresh Pasta

While in Miami at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival [3], Life After Top Chef's Fabio Viviani taught us all about making fresh pasta at home [4]: Don't be anal about exact measurements. After all, an "Italian tablespoon" is a heaping one.

Michael Symon: Perfecting Pasta Sauce

At the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen [5], Michael Symon revealed one of his favorite reasons for saving pasta water [6]: make a simple Italian pasta sauce using olive oil, butter, parmesan, fresh herbs, and leftover pasta water.

Bobby Flay: Frying Fantastic Chicken

At the South Beach Wine and Food Festival [7], Bobby Flay offered useful tips on frying chicken [8]. The Food Network chef believes in seasoning chicken liberally and at the right time: You've got to add salt and pepper to the chicken while it's hot out of the oil. This helps the seasonings adhere to the batter.

Art Smith: Staying Slim in the Kitchen

After dropping 95 pounds [9], chef Art Smith had plenty of advice about healthy eating. During the New York City Wine & Food Festival [10], he emphasized that preparation and planning is key [11] for healthy eating. Smith eats dinner ahead of time before leaving for work in his restaurant to prevent unhealthy choices.

Bethenny Frankel: Making Sangria

At the South Beach Wine and Food Festival [12], original skinny girl Bethenny Frankel taught us how she makes sangria speedier [13]: she swaps her ice for a bag of frozen mixed berries to maximize flavor and time.

Katie Lee: Hosting For a Crowd

We asked entertaining expert Katie Lee [14] to share her tips and tricks for hosting a large group during holidays. Her secret? Deviled eggs for a crowd: "The secret to a good deviled egg is to not do too much to it," she said. "I just put mayonnaise and a little bit of yellow mustard in mine. Not Dijon. Yellow mustard — the cheap kind — and then I dress it up with the garnishes."

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