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Our Favorite Reader Food Photos of 2011

Dec 26 2011 - 4:25am

This past year our readers submitted so many mouthwatering food photos. We couldn't help but crave each and every dish (even the escargots!) as we assembled this slideshow. Thank goodness for how ready and willing you are to take pictures of what you cook and eat. Click through to take a look at 2011 in food photos.

Stunning Heirloom Tomatoes

Thanks to GraceDickinson for sharing this shot of a variety of gorgeous heirloom tomatoes! [1]

Strawberry Peach Sangria Pops

My Fare Foodie shared these bright pink boozy popsicles [2] that look packed full of flavor.

Oysters at Chez Panisse Café

Alice Waters [3]'s Chez Panisse Café is still a hallmark of California cuisine. Just ask lauren, who documented a recent Chez Panisse Café lunch! [4]

Panettone Soda Bread

As huge fans of panettone, we're excited that Panettone Soda Bread, [5] a festive take on the holiday classic from My Fare Foodie, sounds deliciously easy!

Crawfish Boil

We love to attend food events, and so does member senorita, who just attended her first crawfish boil. [6]

Watermelon Feta Salad

CheesePlease's picture of watermelon feta salad [7] has us yearning for Summer already!

Wedding Doughnuts

Doughnut lovers, take note: an assortment of doughnuts and doughnut holes [8] is another fun way to celebrate the sweet union of marriage. Just ask inglenookdecor!

Cilantro, Walnut & Jalapeño Pesto

We're not the only ones who've been toying around with jalapeño pesto as of late! Check out this version with cilantro and walnuts [9] from Sevimel.

Cinnamon Chocolate Chip Scones

Check out this cinnamon chocolate chip scone [10] recipe that Yum reader Gabriela Une Vie Saine submitted to the Kitchen Goddess group. They look like the perfect treat!

Bundled Chicken With Goat Cheese and Fresh Thyme

Cheese Please wows us again with yet another delicious and impressive dish. This time chicken is bundled with goat cheese and herbs, [11] and cooked in a white wine sauce.

Green Smoothies

If you've partied a little too much this holiday season, then follow Sevimel's advice: turn to green smoothies. [12]

Pan-Seared Tofu

Think tofu [13] can't shine as an entrée? Here, reader GraceDickinson proves you wrong!

Fried Pickles

Few things make me more excited than fried pickles. [14] So when I saw this recipe from My Fare Foodie, it just about made my day.

Maple Roasted Parsnips

Want a healthy, gluten-free pairing to go with your roasted meats and poultry this holiday? Sevimel has a suggestion: maple roasted parsnips. [15]

A Perfect Apple-Skin Rose

How gorgeous is the hand-carved apple rose [16] in Gabriela Une Vie Saine's apple-walnut cake?

"Don't Be a Hater" Kale Salad

As huge fans of kale salad over here, we really appreciated Sevimel's rendition that incorporated dried cherries. [17]

Coconut Banana Bread

What could possibly make banana bread even more addictive than it already is? Ambitiouskitchen has the answer: coconut banana bread. [18]

Orange Creamsicle Cupcakes

These orange creamsicle cupcakes [19] look like a picture-perfect Summer treat. Nestingproject shared it in the Yum Community.

Buttermilk Cheddar Biscuits

These buttermilk cheddar biscuits [20] from CheesePlease look rich, fluffy, and indulgent – perfect for this time of year!

Escargots à la Bourguignonne

Are you a fan of classic French cuisine? Judging by her scrumptious-looking photo of escargot, [21] My Fare Foodie is!

Challah With Rosemary Butter

Fluffy, egg-y challah bread, [22] spread with an earthy rosemary butter, like this one by Fresh Tart, is exactly what we're craving right now.

Clams Drenched in Butter and Herbs

According to her profile, taaduh is "an aspiring food photographer," but from the looks of the gorgeous photo of clams with butter and herbs [23] she shared in the community, we think she's ready to ditch the aspiring and refer to herself as an awesome food photographer!

Lagunitas: Little Sumpin' Wild

Lagunitas is one of our favorite local breweries, so we were excited to see that Lauren shared a story about her experience at the taproom. [24]

Beef Stew With Cheddar Thyme Dumplings

Winter is the time to embrace hearty stews. Sevimel's beef in stout with cheddar thyme dumplings [25] is just the ticket!

Dutch Apple Pancake

This Dutch apple pancake [26] from Fresh Tart sounds like the perfect start to a Sunday morning, with a cup of tea nearby.

Rhubarb Crumble

Kate Stricklan gets us excited for rhubarb season [27] with a gorgeous rhubarb crumble

Homemade Soft Pretzels

As My Fare Foodie illustrates, making soft pretzels from scratch [28] isn't an impossible feat.

Fresh Honey

Visiting a friend this weekend and wondering what to bring as a hostess gift? How about a gorgeous chunk of fresh honeycomb? [29] We would love to receive this edible treat like Lauren recently did!

Pan-Roasted Cornish Hens

Fresh Tart has been cooking up delicious cornish game hens [30] this holiday season!

Toasted Marshmallow Milk Shake

After tasting one at Rachael Ray [31]'s Burger Bash, we totally agree with eatswimshop: Spike Mendelsohn's toasted marshmallow milk shake [32] may be the best milk shake ever.


Get inspired for Easter by eatswimshop's springtime Peepcake [33] — genius!

Natty Boh Beer Cupcakes

Beer isn't just for drinking. It's also good for making cupcakes, like these cute mustachioed cupcakes [34] that Eatswimshop posted in our Kitchen Goddess group.

This harvest salad of squash, lentils, and pomegranate seeds [35] from Hayleysf sounds filling, flavorful, and healthy!

Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream

We want to thank jbauman23 for sharing her ingenious idea of combining two of the world's best desserts — pumpkin pie and ice cream! [36] — into one. That is all.

Winter Squash Gnocchi With Brown Butter & Sage

There's nothing more inviting during cold weather than butternut gnocchi with browned-butter and sage sauce [37] — simply ask Fresh Tart!

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