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5 Iced Teas We Love Right Now

May 10 2013 - 11:25am

As April showers fade into mere memory and sunny days and spiking temperatures crest the horizon, iced tea becomes our drink of choice. Naturally, we've come across a few new favorites along the way. Click through for our top picks from classic sweet (but not too sweet) tea to herbal options like floral lemon myrtle. No matter which refreshing beverage you choose, make certain to pour it over ice for a true iced tea experience and the best flavor (unless you're enjoying it on the go).

Did we leave off your iced tea of choice? Share it in the comments; we're always looking for new varieties to try!

The Tao of Tea Lemon Myrtle

Fresh, lemony, and slightly floral, The Tao of Tea's Lemon Myrtle [1] gave me pause on first whiff as it smells almost soapy. Thankfully, the first sip erased any doubts I may have had. Refreshing and reminiscent of lemongrass (a major plus in my book), this herbal option is just the ticket for quenching thirst on balmy days.

— Nicole Perry, assistant editor

Oi Ocha Green Tea

Forget about a dainty or light tea; Oi Ocha Green Tea [2] is not for the faint of heart. In fact, if you prefer to oversteep your tea, then this grassy, nutty bottled beverage is for you. Robust and tannic, the Japanese-style green tea reminds us of matcha, barley tea, and genmaicha. Drink it alone if you must, but it is best when paired with greasy foods to help cut through the fat.

— Anna Monette Roberts, assistant editor

Pure Leaf Unsweetened Tea

It's rare to find an unsweetened bottle of tea at convenient stores and sandwich joints, but this Pure Leaf Unsweetened Tea [3] by Lipton might be mainstream enough to find just about anywhere. Ironically, the unsweetened beverage tastes slightly sweet despite there being no sweetener on the list of ingredients. The secret is the addition of citric acid, which consequently makes the black tea smell lemony, too. Ultimately, this is a smooth, nontannic tea that we're likely to pick up with lunch or on road trips for easy (low-caloric) sipping.


Sweet Leaf Citrus Green Tea

If the charming granny-emblazoned label didn't sell you on first glimpse, listen up: Sweet Leaf's Citrus Green Tea [4] manages to balance delicate, grassy green tea with zesty citrus and just the right level of sweetness — no small feat. Moreover, unlike some one-note citrus-enhanced options, Sweet Leaf's version boasts a punchy blend of distinct orange, lemon, and lime flavors.

— NP

Pure Leaf Sweet Tea

As a fan of Pure Leaf's Unsweetened Tea [5], I didn't think I'd like the brand's Sweet Tea version, but I found myself surprised. Rather than tasting like syrup, the bottle stayed true to its unsweetened kin, with a tea-forward, tannic flavor. The only difference? A caramelized, brown-sugar-like finish. I recommend cutting this with ice and lemon, then gulping it on a supremely hot day.

— Susannah Chen, editor

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