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10 Chocolate Candies to Enjoy This Valentine's Day

Feb 9 2011 - 11:00am

With Valentine's Day [1] landing on a Monday this year, there may not be enough time to hit up everything on your dessert to-do list. Instead, save the chocolate fondue [2] for the weekend and pick up a fun-filled chocolate assortment. Here are a few of our favorites for this romantic holiday.

Photos: Susannah Chen

Godiva Double Chocolate Raspberry Truffles

"May your life be filled with Godiva," reads the tagline. To which we say: amen. The Godiva Dark Chocolate Truffles and Dark Chocolate Raspberry Truffles [3] are everything we love about the essence of chocolate — velvety, impossibly rich, and fruity — in just one bite.

Droga Confections Rebel Rocky Road

Droga's [4] contemporary designs are a match made in heaven for the style-conscious set. It's hard not to flip for the San Francisco-based company's Rebel Rocky Road [5] (available online or at Williams-Sonoma [6]), a twist on the classic rocky road flavor available in milk and dark chocolate that incorporates roasted, salted peanuts in lieu of almonds into the homemade chocolate and marshmallow mix. The best part? The company's wholesome list of ingredients, which include non-GMO seed corn starch and organic brown rice syrup, make the treats feel guilt-free.

Dufflet Bittersweet Chocolate Crackle

Toronto's reigning "Queen of Cake," Dufflet [7], offers something for every sweet tooth, free of preservatives, artificial flavors, and hydrogenated oils. When you're in the mood to munch and don't want something too sweet, reach for the thin, crisp, and dangerously addictive Toasted Almond Bittersweet Chocolate Crackle [8], made of toasted almonds, butter, milk, and cocoa intertwined with dark Belgian chocolate.

Fauchon Paris Collection de 9 Chocolats Griffés

This month, we simply can't do without [9] the Parisian chocolate brand Fauchon [10] and its indulgent gift box of perfectly round chocolates, filled with the flavors of caramel, lime, and coconut praline (our favorite is the fancy-sounding Nº1, Praliné Noisette, or hazelnut). For $28, it's an indulgence anyone can afford.

See's Strawberry Truffles

If strawberries and cream is your thing, then you'll love the See's strawberry truffles [11]. Sumptuous strawberry buttercream, enrobed in white chocolate: what's not to like?

Lindt Lindor Truffles With Smooth Filling

The Lindt Lindor [12] tops the mainstream truffle category. Why? Because regardless of which flavor you choose, every chocolate that comes out of this 160-year-old confectionery is impeccably smooth from start to finish.

Dufflet Milk Chocolate Morsels With Blueberries + Valencia Orange

Move aside, cherry cordials: you're sure to be bested this year by Dufflet's Milk Chocolate Morsels in Plump Blueberries and Valencia Orange [13]. All it takes is one bite of this dried blueberry treat covered in Valencia orange-scented Belgian milk chocolate to be fully hooked.

Droga Put You Money on Honey

Salted caramels: overplayed. Salted caramels made from unrefined honey [14] instead of corn syrup? Now that's something new. The California wildflower honey lends a distinctly grassy flavor to these dark-chocolate-covered chews.

Pure Dark Classic and Fusion Barks

For an inexpensive but high-quality fix, turn to Pure Dark [15], an all-natural line of dark chocolate created by Mars. The lineup includes slabs of dark chocolate (all of which contain at least 62 percent cocoa), barks topped with cacao nibs [16], chocolate-covered fruits and nuts, and just nibs. My favorite? The vaguely Eastern-tasting Fusion [17] bark: dark chocolate topped with crystallized ginger, roasted pecans, and caramelized cacao nibs.

See's Dark Chocolate Molasses Chips

West Coast confectionery See's Candies [18] offers our favorite Valentine's Day selection of boxed assorted chocolates. Inevitably, the first thing we hoard out of the box are always the dark chocolate molasses chips [19], for their vaguely burnt caramel flavor and extreme crunch.

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