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Bubbly Besties: Beautiful Bridal Shower Bites

May 2 2012 - 4:05am

One of my favorite things about weddings is how they give the couple and their loved ones so many excuses to party! And bridal showers are no exception. While I've been to all sorts of showers — tea parties, fully catered lunches, co-ed boozy bashes, and even bachelorette-shower combos, to name a few — my favorites have been ones that allowed me to mix and mingle easily with friends and enjoy some great food and laughter. Save the heavy meals for rehearsal dinners and wedding [1] receptions: at a shower, I want to snack on something lovely with one hand and sip champagne with the other! We've rounded up 11 perfect appetizer bites that let you do just that without skimping on the delicious food.

Photos: Nancy Einhart, Camilla Salem, and Lauren Hendrickson

Sautéed Kale and Burrata Bruschetta

The greens cook up so vibrantly in this sautéed kale and burrata bruschetta [2] recipe, they will be hard to miss!

Photo: Camilla Salem

Fava Bean Crostini

Fava bean crostini [3] brings to the forefront one of Spring's freshest flavors.

Photo: Katie Sweeney

Edamame Hummus

Edamame hummus [4] lends a fresh, green take on the party dip favorite, and it's just as easy to make!

Photo: Nancy Einhart

Parmesan Twists

Store-bought frozen pastry dough bakes up into parmesan twists [5] in 15 minutes.

Figs in a Blanket

Summer showers should take advantage of in-season flavors with goat-cheese-stuffed figs wrapped in prosciutto [6].

Melon, Mozzarella, and Serrano Ham Skewers

Snacks on a stick are party perfect, and in these delightful skewers [7], sweet Summer melon highlights the salty and creamy notes of jamón serrano and mozzarella.

Smoked Salmon Crostini

Smoked salmon makes any occasion classy. Make it easy on guests by assembling smoked salmon crostini [8] with goat cheese and fresh herbs.

Photo: Katie Sweeney

Artichoke- and Spinach-Dip-Stuffed Mushrooms

Party-favorite spinach dip gets shower-appropriate when it's blended with artichoke and stuffed into tiny mushrooms [9].

Photo: Lauren Hendrickson

Swiss Chard and Mushroom Empanadas

Savory and decadent, swiss chard and mushroom empanadas [10] are satisfying in two bites.

Photo: Katie Sweeney

Mini Twice-Baked Potatoes

Stuffed baked potatoes may be a steakhouse belt buster, but tiny twice-baked potatoes [11] sprinkled with bacon and cheese are just as delicious without filling you to capacity.

Photo: Lauren Hendrickson

Vegetable Cocktails

Coat the bottoms of pretty cocktail glasses with ranch or green goddess dressing, and then fill to the brim with seasonal vegetables [12].

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