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Can You Judge Beer By Its Taste?

Okay, since we're sort of on the topic of beers, I thought this story would be interesting to share. A new study by Leonard Lee (of Columbia University) had 388 people taste-test two different beers: one regular and one doctored with a few drops of balsamic vinegar. The participants were then divided into three different groups:

  1. Those who knew nothing about the balsamic
  2. Those who were told about the balsamic ahead of time
  3. Those who were told about the balsamic, but after they drank it and before they voted

To see the surprising results of the taste test,


Turns out the group who knew nothing preferred the vinegar, while those who knew about the vinegar preferred the plain. Pretty interesting if you ask me. Sounds like balsamic might enhance beers flavor, but that if you know about it you're going to stay away. Apparently we do this sort of thing all the time:

Past research has revealed that knowing the brand or other information about a product can lead to higher consumer ratings.

For instance, Coke is rated higher when consumed from a cup bearing the drink's logo compared with one that is unmarked.

Which leads us to this question: how are our taste buds supposed to know if something is good when our brains are obviously out to foil us?

Source: Fox News

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