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Can You Match the Dish to the Chef?

Think you know a lot about your favorite celebrity chefs? Can you identify which dishes are their creations? I've put together a fun quiz that tests your knowledge on several big name chefs' cooking styles. Can you distinguish Giada's dishes from Mario's? Test yourself!

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Which celebrity chef created this juicy burger recipe for his wife?
Tyler Florence
Bobby Flay
Steven Raichlen
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Which celebrity chef made these pizzas for the Nascar cookout?
Rachael Ray
Mario Batali
Emeril Lagasse
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Which celebrity chef jazzes up salads with prosciutto bits instead of boring old bacon bits?
Giada De Laurentiis
Michael Chiarello
Lidia Bastianich
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Which celebrity chef made this thick cauliflower dish that is neither soup nor stew?
Rachael Ray
Paula Deen
Nigella Lawson

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