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Can You Match the Top Chef Dish to Its Creator?

With two dishes per episode and five and half seasons, a lot of tasty creations have come out of Bravo's Top Chef. Since I know you're huge fans of the culinary reality competition, I thought it would be fun to look back at some of these dishes — that's why I put together this quiz. I'll show you a menu item from the past three seasons and you have to tell me who made it. Sound like fun? Start playing!

Photos courtesy of Bravo

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Seared scallops on a bed of hearts of palm and oyster mushrooms
Spike Mendelsohn
Jamie Lauren
Kevin Gillespie
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Alex Eusebio
Manuel Trevino
Michael Isabella
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Sous vide New York strip with seared potato rod and Merlot sauce
Stephanie Izard
Carla Hall
Jennifer Carroll
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Snail and leek galettes with chantarelles and bacon
Ash Fulk
Ron Duprat
Mattin Noblia
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Grilled tuna burrito with quinoa, avocado, mango, and cucumber salad
Dale Talde
Andrew D'Ambrosi
Richard Blais
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Green figs with white peaches and yogurt
Leah Cohen
Hosea Rosenberg
Ariane Durate
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Chicken and calamari pasta
Michael Voltaggio
Stefan Richter
Lisa Fernandes
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Potato cake and egg with bacon
Radhika Desai
Zoi Antonitsas
Eve Aronoff
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