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Candy-Off: Hershey's vs. Brach's Candy Corn

Candy-Off: Hershey's vs. Brach's Candy Corn

Happy National Candy Corn Day! This Halloween, grocery aisles have been stocked with two distinct types of my favorite seasonal candy: the traditional version made by Brach's, as well as a newer Hershey's rendition.

Last year, when I first tried the Hershey's candy corn, I thought it had a cloying aftertaste, and despite giving them a second chance, I still didn't care for them. Just to make sure I was giving the candy a fair assessment, I sought out some other Sugar gals for a second opinion. To see what they had to say,


  • "Candy corn is not allowed to have a wrapper!"
  • "Hershey's tastes more artificial, if that's possible."
  • "The candy corn lost something in the texture . . . just not right!"

While both are overly sweet, the Hershey's Kisses version lacks the wonderfully waxy, granulated texture that makes candy corn so addictive. Instead, it has the creaminess of white chocolate and a rich, butterscotch-y aroma. Many of us agreed that had Hershey's simply not labeled it candy corn, we would have preferred it.

The bottom line? When something is labeled as candy corn, there are expectations in taste. Candy corn may taste plastic-y, but an artificial rendition of it tastes even worse. There's one attribute, however, that both share in common: too much of either, and you'll be left with a belly ache.

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