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20 Cozy Casserole Recipes

Jan 6 2017 - 4:00pm

Whether you call them casseroles or hot dishes [1], there's no argument about the merits of these cozy, crowd-friendly recipes. We've rounded up the best options out there ranging from ultraclassic (think tuna noodle casserole) to creative spins (breakfast pancake lasagna).

Source: My Name is Yeh [2], Half Baked Harvest [3], Damn Delicious [4], How Sweet It Is [5]

Kale and Wild Rice Casserole

Gruyère, mushrooms, and caramelized onions add umami oomph to a kale and wild rice casserole [6].

One-Pot Cheeseburger Casserole

Not only does this cheeseburger casserole [7] only dirty one skillet, but it also comes together in about 30 minutes.

Brussels Sprouts Lasagna

This hearty pasta bake [8] packs in plenty of vegetables: shredded brussels sprouts, diced shallot, and two types of mushrooms.

Tuna Noodle Casserole

A roundup of casserole recipes isn't complete without tuna noodle casserole [9].

Summer Squash Casserole

A Southern recipe with a California twist, this squash casserole [10] is seasoned with a meyer lemon gremolata and sourdough breadcrumbs.

Breakfast Lasagna

No need to choose between bacon and sausage or pancakes and scrambled eggs; this decadent breakfast lasagna [11] combines all four into each bite.

Mexican Casserole

Though it looks mighty decadent, this Mexican casserole [12] is actually relatively light, thanks to a generous dose of beans and vegetables.

Pumpkin Parmesan Pasta Bake

Pumpkin puree gives this autumnal casserole [13] its golden hue and a subtly sweet earthy flavor.

Lasagna For Two

While casserole's crowd-friendly nature is usually a plus, it's a downside when cooking for two (leftovers lose their allure on day four). This scaled-down lasagna recipe [14] is a great option if you don't have a large family to feed.

Bourbon Sweet Potato Casserole With Bacon and Pecans

What's not to love about a bourbon-spiked sweet potato casserole [15] topped with bacon and pecans?

Butternut Squash Ricotta Casserole

For a fast and easy weeknight fix, look no further than this butternut squash ricotta casserole [16].

Butternut Squash Lasagna

Vegetarians and omnivores alike will adore butternut squash lasagna [17].

Cheesy Breakfast Casserole

Casseroles aren't only a dinnertime thing; case in point: this eggy Italian sausage, potato, and bell pepper bake [18].

Chicken Spaghetti

To the uninitiated, chicken spaghetti [19] is like Tex-Mex macaroni and cheese.

Quinoa Risotto Casserole With Truffle Oil

Imagine if lasagna and risotto had a baby and you'd have this cheesy baked quinoa casserole [20].

Chinese Hot Dish

Made with Asian ingredients including soy sauce, brown rice, scallions, and ginger, this Chinese hot dish [21] is a cross-cultural mashup.

Gooey Cinnamon Roll French Toast Casserole

Two breakfast favorites — cinnamon rolls and french toast — combine forces in this cozy breakfast option [22].

Mushroom and Leek Lasagna

Like pretty much all Ina Garten recipes, this wild mushroom and leek lasagna [23] is at once elegant and comforting.

Green Bean and Mushroom Casserole With Caramelized Onions

Shake things up next Thanksgiving with a Japanese-meets-American rendition of green bean casserole [24] that boasts caramelized onions deglazed with mirin (Japanese rice wine) and a panko topper.

Olive Garden's Lasagna Classico

Re-create Olive Garden's lasagna classico [25] at home.

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