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Discover the True Lobster Claw Game

May 9 2008 - 3:00pm

I used to be really good at those arcade claw games. Like, way too many poorly made stuffed animals in my house sort of good. I'm pretty rusty these days, but I might have to start training again. You see, the Love Maine Lobsters Co. [1] has created an actual lobster claw game where you catch live lobsters!

For two bucks — a pretty good deal if you think about the high cost of lobster — you can try and bring home dinner. They say the device is gentle and slow-moving, therefore it doesn't hurt the lobsters. But I don't know. You're already going to take them home and eat them; do you really need to ridicule them as well?

The tanks hold 25 to 30 pounds of lobster and is in bars all over the country. You can find similar models in Asia and California [2]. But what I want to know is, what you would do if you came across one at a convenience store near you?

To check out how the machine works, view the video when you .

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