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New to Caviar? Then Read This

Oct 1 2011 - 11:04pm

As someone who's always been on a budget, I've never understood as much about caviar as I'd like to know. After all, I've always told myself, what's the point of getting to know a delicacy that I can rarely afford to enjoy, anyway?

I was fortunate enough to attend Petrossian's caviar seminar at the NYC Wine & Food Festival [1], and that's when I realized my thinking's been a little backward. After tasting a handful of varieties, I realized that's why I should get better acquainted with caviar: so that when I do want to make the splurge, it's easy to make well-educated purchasing decisions.

Among some of the facts I learned: caviar is only one fish (sturgeon) but composed of many species (such as osetra, beluga, sevruga, and kaluga) — and almost everything you'll come across today is farmed. Keep reading to see more caviar basics.


Sustainability and production

Evaluating caviar

Other surprising facts

When, if ever, do you eat caviar?

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