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14 Scrumptious Star-Studded Social Snaps

Mar 9 2013 - 7:34pm

If we're not cooking up a storm [1] or diving into the latest food memoir [2], chances are, we're perusing Instagram and Twitter for culinary inspiration. Click through for our favorite foodie snaps we spotted this past week captured by everyone from Jamie Oliver [3] to Mindy Kaling. It just might — OK, it will — get your stomach grumbling. So grab a snack and marvel at everything from the bizarre (frozen snake, anyone?) to the mouthwateringly scrumptious (blueberry-studded scones).

A Bounty of Meat

Chef Jamie Oliver [4] shared a snap of the impressive selection of house-made sausages and other meaty goodies on offer at his restaurant Barbecoa.

Source: Instagram user jamieoliver [5]

Freshly Picked Cherry Tomatoes

It's safe to say we're envious of Aran Goyoaga of Cannelle et Vanille's bin of freshly picked tomatoes.

Source: Instagram user cannellevanille [6]

Canned Escargots

Chef David Lebovitz summed his supermarket snap up perfectly: "can o' snails."

Source: Instagram user davidlebovitz [7]

A Sweet Start

Mindy Kaling dined on the real breakfast of champions: raspberries and sour candy.

Source: Instagram user mindykaling [8]

Raspberry Tartlets

Jewel-toned raspberries topped some mighty impressive custard tartlets from Béatrice Peltre of La Tartine Gourmande.

Source: Instagram user tartinegoumande [9]

Tools of the Trade

Chef Eric Ripert modeled a jacket well stocked with the tools of the trade.

Source: Instagram user ericripert [10]

Blueberry Scone

Joy Wilson (the eponymous Joy the Baker) left us with a hankering for a fresh-from-the-oven scone studded with berries, like hers pictured.

Source: Instagram user joythebaker [11]

Breaded Steak Sandwich

Jeff Mauro shared a sneak peek at an over-the-top breaded steak sandwich — we can't wait to see the episode it stars in!

Source: Instagram user sandwichking [12]

Roasted Baby Vegetables

Aida Mollenkamp celebrated the beginning of Spring's bounty with a beautiful assortment of roasted baby carrots and radishes.

Source: Instagram user aidamollenkamp [13]

Frozen Snake

Chef Stuart Brioza of State Bird Provisions showed off something you don't see every day: frozen snake . . . procured at the Saigon airport, no less.

Source: Instagram user foodrepublic [14]

Rainbow Cupcakes

Try — just try — not to crack a smile while admiring Bakerella's rainbow-topped cupcakes.

Source: Instagram user bakerella [15]

Coq au Vin

Anthony Bourdain [16] captured a coq au vin feast in an unexpected locale: by the Congo river.

Source: Twitter user Bourdain [17]

Baked Oatmeal

Wholesome and wholly enticing baked oatmeal from Molly Wizenberg of Orangette shined in the morning sun.

Source: Instagram user mollyorangette [18]

Short Ribs

Chef Wolfgang Puck [19] captured short ribs with romesco and polenta as they were being plated at The Borgata.

Source: Twitter user WolfgangBuzz [20]

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