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Celebrity Trainer Adam Ernster Teaches You the
"Reverse Lunge"

May 23 2012 - 3:00am

Celebrity trainer Adam Ernster took a break from helping Hollywood's A-list look their best to share these simple yet powerful workout moves to help shape and tone your lower body. Whether you are just getting into a gym routine or consider yourself a fitness pro, these moves can help you look and feel your best.

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Start with your feet together and stand straight, holding a medicine ball chest-high between both hands.

Lift your right leg slightly up and then bring it back into a lunge position, ensuring your body is in a straight line. As you lunge, hold a medicine ball in your hands and as your right leg goes back, twist the medicine ball to your waist on the left side.

Bring your right leg forward, back to the standing straight position, and repeat by bringing your left leg back and twisting to your right side.

Continue alternating until you have done five repetitions on each side, squeezing the ball with both hands to engage your arms and chest.

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