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Chalkboard Napkin Ring: Love It or Hate It?

These chalkboard napkin rings ($65) serve as a napkin ring and placecard holder at the same time. They've been meticulously created in workshops for the physically challenged, and come with a slate pencil and sponge eraser. I think they're quite nifty and you could have a lot of fun with them. However they are a bit steep in price, and I worry that the chalkboard surface would get that cloudy finish after several uses. What do you think? Do you want a set?

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stickynote stickynote 8 years
I love this so much its crazy.
supermommie supermommie 8 years
A bit concerned about chalk on my hands and then my mouth as I eat dinner/lunch. No, I wouldn't buy them. SM
milosmommy milosmommy 8 years
very cool, but I wish I had dinner parties in order to justify the price or even to have napkin rings
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
i think that's a really cute idea - you don't need place cards and if you're having a dinner party or what have you - you can just direct people to their seats this way.
Cestlavie21 Cestlavie21 8 years
I love it but I can't see myself putting out $65 for napkin rings.
lickety-split lickety-split 8 years
really fun :) my kids would love these. at christmas their gift tags all have different names that i call them (nick names). doing that at dinner might make setting the table more fun.
Anna-Scott Anna-Scott 8 years
I really like them.
sonnabobble sonnabobble 8 years
cute idea, but you could make it for so much less.
RobinFabulous RobinFabulous 8 years
I love them!
bellaressa bellaressa 8 years
I think they are cute and something different.
luv2blazy luv2blazy 8 years
MsMo has a good idea. Now how easy would it be to make placemats? Think of the fun your kids could have. 'Now finish your veggies before you get to color'
shoneyjoe shoneyjoe 8 years
Kind of hate to take money out of the hands of a workshop for the physically disabled in Germany. Nonetheless: Why not buy your own napkin rings and spray them to chalkboard finish on their own? Nothing about the RustOleum spray requires that it be applied to a flat surface.
partysugar partysugar 8 years
I love these. Very fun and fabulous.
MsMO MsMO 8 years
The fun would be to put the chalk pencil next to everybody after they have sat down so they could have a bit of fun :)
redemiami redemiami 8 years
If you have $65 for a set of napkin rings, I would like to have your job.
bengalspice bengalspice 8 years
I just wish I actually had guests over for dinner in order to get these.
Shopaholichunny Shopaholichunny 8 years
LOVE it. It's cute but I agree w/ the ladies above. You can probably make this cheaper.
tweet-hotpants tweet-hotpants 8 years
great minds think alike robit!
robit robit 8 years
haha! Sorry tweet hotpants, your comment hadn't went up when I clicked "comment". I wasn't trying to echo you.
robit robit 8 years
They're adorable, but not worth the cost. I imagine you could DIY a set by painting plain napkin rings with chalkboard paint.
tweet-hotpants tweet-hotpants 8 years
they have chalk board paint at most craft stores- you could make these yourself with some wooden napkin rings and it would be a lot cheaper. if it did get that cloudy finish, you could always repaint them. i think it's a really cute idea.
Lovely_1 Lovely_1 8 years
I think it's a pretty neat idea!
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