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How to Identify 16 of America’s Most Essential Doughnuts

Jun 6 2014 - 1:30pm

Our partner Foodbeast [1] shares breaking food news, trendsetting recipes, and more with us. Today, Peter Pham is helping us identify 16 popular doughnut flavors [2] for National Doughnut Day.

You're standing in line at your local doughnut shop deciding what to order. No one wants to be that customer who doesn't know the difference between a cruller and a fritter. Rather than take a stab at your doughnut of preference, you just play it safe and order a plain, halfheartedly eating it on the morning commute.

In honor of National Doughnut Day, Foodbeast put together a video of some of the most common doughnuts you’ll find in shops and what they're called. We know your morning minutes are precious, so we definitely don’t want you wasting them on doughnut confusion. Sit back, and enjoy some intimate shots of doughnut porn. Hopefully not on an empty stomach.


Shape: Round ring doughnut.

Notes: Dense muffin-type doughnuts called "sinkers."


Shape: Twisted, ridged surface.

Notes: Pronounced "kruhl-er." Its name is derived from Dutch.


Shape: Lumpy, circular.

Notes: Panfried cakes made with cornmeal.

Long John

Shape: Long, bar-shaped.

Notes: Filled long johns are sold as "éclairs."

Bear Claw

Shape: Rectangular with slices along one side to resemble a bear’s toes.

Notes: While the bear claw is sometimes considered a doughnut, it’s common for bear claws to be almond-flavored pastries more similar to fritters in texture.

Cake Sprinkle

Shape: Round, ring doughnut.

Notes: Glazed doughnuts covered in confectionery sprinkles.


Shape: Round ring doughnut.

Notes: Made with sugar, vanilla, salt, cold milk, and water.

Boston Cream

Shape: Round, filled. A mini version of the Boston cream pie.

Notes: Called a "Boston cream" when frosted in chocolate, but called a "Bavarian cream" when dusted with powdered sugar.

Maple Bar

Shape: Long, bar-shaped.

Notes: Coated with a maple glaze. Goes great with bacon!


Shape: Two pieces of dough twisted together.

Notes: Twists must be made in opposite directions for optimal texture and tension.


Shape: Spiral, circular.

Notes: Rolled in a cinnamon and sugar mix.

Chocolate Glaze

Shape: Round ring doughnut.

Notes: Glazed doughnut are made with corn syrup, bittersweet chocolate, and confectioners' sugar.

Cinnamon Crumb

Shape: Round ring doughnut.

Notes: One of the most underrated doughnuts. Covered in crunchy, cinnamon-sugar crumbs. Fantastic dipped in coffee.

Powdered Sugar

Shape: Round, filled.

Notes: The doughnuts are covered in confectioners' sugar or "snow sugar," which doesn't melt.

Raspberry Filled

Shape: Round, filled.

Notes: Filled with raspberry jelly.

Doughnut Holes

Shape: Round balls, the center of ring doughnuts.

Notes: Called "Timbits" in Canada.

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