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11 Iconic Frozen Treats to Make at Home

Jul 28 2016 - 8:30am

Warm weather is here, and with it, the inevitable cravings for ice cream [1] and other frozen treats. Sure, a scoop of organic sorbet could do the trick, but sometimes nothing beats a bite of chilly nostalgia best enjoyed on sweltering days at the community pool. If the tinkling tunes of the ice cream truck don't grace your neighborhood nearly enough, we've rounded up 11 iconic frozen novelties that you can whip up at home!

Classic Ice Cream Sandwiches

Remember how the cakey outsides of the classic ice cream sandwich would stick to the roof of your mouth? You'll want this homemade version to stick around, especially because the giant size means it's perfect for sharing.

Get the recipe: giant classic ice cream sandwich [2]


Better than a scoop of ice cream on a hot day, Drumsticks wrap vanilla ice cream in a sugar cone, hard chocolate shell, and a sprinkle of nuts. These step-by-step instructions show us how to get one without chasing the ice cream truck.

Get the recipe: drumsticks [3]


Growing up on the West Coast, the ultimate ice cream sandwich was the It's-It. With luscious ice cream sandwiched in between two oatmeal cookies, then dipped in dark chocolate, these treats have been a favorite since they were invented in the 1920s.

Get the recipe: homemade It's-It [4]


Chipwiches are the ultimate comfort dessert, pairing vanilla ice cream with chocolate chip cookies and rimmed with even more tiny chocolate nibs. This homemade version ups the ante by turning it into an entire ice cream cake! Each slice is like an individual Chipwich.

Get the recipe: Chipwich ice cream cake [5]

Otter Pops

Otter Pops were as fun for kids to eat as they were delicious, so who would have thought that they would be so easy to make? These grown-up Otter Pops combine fresh fruit and vanilla yogurt and eliminate all the unnecessary sugar that you'll find in the prepackaged kind.

Get the recipe: DIY Otter Pops [6]

Klondike Bars

The classic chocolate-dipped block of vanilla ice cream gets a delicious twist from homemade ice cream and "Magic Shell"!

Get the recipe: Klondike Bar [7]

Eskimo Pies

The Eskimo Pie is about as basic a frozen novelty as they come: vanilla ice cream swathed in chocolate on a convenient stick. The homemade version requires some precise knife work, but the fact that you can customize the chocolate coating with delicious embellishments like sprinkles or sea salt makes it well worth the effort!

Get the recipe: dairy-free chocolate-covered ice cream bars [8]


Creamy fudgesicles are a chocolaty warm-weather favorite, and homemade fudge pops are even more comforting.

Get the recipe: two-ingredient fudge pops [9]


The flavor of oranges and cream is always so refreshing in the Summer sun. Relive the nostalgia with homemade versions.

Get the recipe: orange creamsicles [10]


The Firecracker popsicle's patriotic hues were always known to attract a crowd, even if the source of those vivid colors was a bit suspect. This recipe combines fresh strawberries, blueberries, and Greek yogurt for a natural take on the classic.

Get the recipe: creamy vanilla berry popsicles [11]

Choco Taco

Ah, the Choco Taco. Who could forget the beloved family dinner classic reimagined as a sweet treat? With a little elbow grease and some keen observation, you too can create this ice cream truck favorite!

Get the recipe: homemade Choco Tacos [12]

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