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Cocktail Time With Sandra Lee

Mar 4 2010 - 4:18pm

The beautiful pool and patio was meant to be the lush backdrop to a fabulous fete. Instead it's deserted due to the rain.

A few people with umbrellas attempt to brave the downpour.

If you wanted a drink, you had to wait in the rain.

Although the menu had an assortment of cocktails, I opted for white wine.

The tip jar and garnish bowls are soaking wet.

Same with the sodas and bartender!

I hope you like rain water in your chocolate martini.

The guest of honor, Sandra Lee, posing with her sister, Kimmy.

The synchronized swimmers are ready to take the pool.

The swimmers performing.

It looks like the rain has stopped.

Sure enough, the rain let up and a beautiful rainbow appeared. Did Sandra plan that?

PartySugar, a self portrait.

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