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Colin Cowie on Ending Your Wedding

The End, It’s Bitter Sweet!

Editor's note: The following is a guest post written by Colin Cowie, wedding planner and lifestyle guru. This week, Colin reminds us that the end of the party should not be forgotten.

So many months of planning and it’s almost over, and they’ve paid off. You're finally married, everyone is happy, and it was a night you’ll remember forever. With every party, you need a carefully thought out beginning, middle and end. And the one final detail: how should it all end, needs some thought. Should you slip away quietly while everyone is still on the dance floor? Absolutely not! Wouldn’t you rather make a statement and end on a high? Absolutely! ! And that doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone. But to end on a high, sending everyone home thinking, I could have stayed longer and danced all night, wanting more, is the secret to a great party.

For Colin's tips on how to end your wedding, keep reading.

How you decide to end yours is a matter of choice, just be sure to consider the options. Do you want that last photo moment with friends gathered around to throw rose petals for you as you leave the reception? Or have them standing by and waving as you drive off in a vintage car or horse-drawn carriage? It’s up to you. Sometimes it’s fun to end the evening with everyone on the dance floor grooving to your favorite song. My favorites are the old-time classic When the Saints Come Marching In by Louie Armstrong or the queen of disco Donna Summer’s Last Dance. Pass glasses of champagne around, or a last round of shots, and when the song comes to an end and the music finally stops, the last few minutes with everyone wishing you well are memories that will be with you forever.

Some might say that you don’t need to orchestrate every moment, and in some instances that may be true. But your wedding isn’t just another day in your life; it’s one of the few occasions in your life when friends and family are brought together. Savor every moment, in fact, squeeze every ounce of pleasure out of it. And doing so means orchestrating the energy of the celebration. Don’t just let it end; end it exactly the way you want it to be over.






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