Welcome back to the extended wedding coverage here on the Sugar Network. I've already planned an engagement and wedding and now it's on to more important matters: the bachelorette party! This week I'll be racking my brain for the best bachelorette party ideas to help you plan your girlfriend's, sister's, and soon to be sister-in-law's final fling before she faces the ring. You know I'm not a fan of anything over the top tacky and cheesy so there will be no dildo headbands in sight. Instead I'm planning an entire afternoon for Julie and her gang of gal pals to have a fabulous and memorable time.
The fete gets kicked off at 5 with a stripper (who will teach Julie a few moves to use on her wedding night), followed by dinner, drinks, and dancing until dawn. Oh and it's also a lingerie shower so only gifts in the form of lingerie will be accepted. I'm really excited about planning this one so let's get the party started by making the invitations and read more

To make this invitation you will need:

  • cardstock (I'm using hot pink and silver-which will be the colors of the party)
  • fun decorative paper (I found bachelorette party paper at my local scrapbooking store)
  • scissors
  • glue
  • ring image
  • bikini bottom image
  • bra image
  • martini glass image
  • computer & printer

To assemble this invite:

  1. Start by printing out one each of the little images (bra/panty, martini glass, engagement ring). Cut out. These will serve as templates.

  2. Carefully trace the cut out images onto one of the pieces of cardstock (I used silver). Repeat with each image until each shape is cut on cardstock. Set aside.

  3. Create a new word document and type the details of the invitation. Here's what mine has to say:

    You’re Invited To Celebrate Julie’s
    Final Fling Before The Ring!

    A Bachelorette Party
    Saturday May 19th
    5:00 pm Stripper Class
    8:00 pm Dinner
    10:00 pm Drinks & Dancing

    PartySugar’s House
    San Francisco, CA
    Rsvp 415.444.4444

    *Please bring a gift in the form of lingerie to help jump start Julie’s career as a sexy new wife*

    I used Bradley Hand ITC TT-Bold size 12.

  4. Print out a test copy of the details and once satisfied with the layout print out on the cardstock (I used hot pink).

  5. Cut down to size. Cut the decorative paper down to size to fit just inside the cardstock/text.

  6. Glue the decorative paper to the back of the text, this will serve as the front of the invitation (with the text/party info on the back).

  7. On top of the decorative paper on the front side of the invite, glue the silver martini glass, engagement ring, and lingerie shapes.

  8. Send in pretty pink envelopes addressed in your sexiest black ink handwriting.

How would you design a bachelorette invitation? Share your ideas below!