In honor of this month being Summer Reading month here on YumSugar, I'm planning a book party! Planning an event with your favorite book as the theme, allows you to get super creative. My party is based around the classic Jane Austen novel, Pride & Prejudice. However, take the basic ideas and suit them to your favorite book - a meeting with friends that follows Oprah's book club, a child's birthday party based around the Madeline books, or even a Harry Potter party to discuss the final book in the series.

A party that promotes reading is good for the soul and the mind, so let's get started by making the invitation! To see how I made the aged Pride & Prejudice invite, read more

To make an invitation similar to the one shown here, you will need:

  • computer and printer
  • old time image
  • ribbon
  • cold coffee
  • a large sheet pan (or container of some sort)
  • cream cardstock

To assemble:

  1. Start by dragging the image into a new Word document. Add the text and information of the party next to the image. Enclose with a border that matches your picture. Use a font that matches your book. For the Pride & Prejudice theme, I used Snell Roundhand Black size 12 to write

    Miss PartySugar invites you to join her for a discussion of Jane Austen’s classic love story, Pride & Prejudice

    Saturday August 18th
    5:00 pm
    Afternoon Cravings

    Please bring a copy of the book & rsvp to PartySugar 415.555.5555

  2. Print out a test copy of the invite and check for spelling and grammatical errors. Once satisfied with the invite, print out on the cream cardstock.

  3. Pour the cold coffee into a baking pan and submerge the cardstock in the coffee. Leave for at least 30 minutes or longer. For a darker aged color, let it soak overnight.

  4. Remove the invite from the coffee and set aside to dry in the sun near an open window.

  5. Once the invitation has completely dried, carefully tear off the sides shaping it down to size.

  6. Roll up into a scroll and tie with a pretty ribbon. Hand deliver to guests, place in mailboxes, or mail in small boxes.

What book would you base your book party on?? Tell me below!