I like to consider myself a hard core partyer, however there comes a time when even I, PartySugar, need a break. February was packed with a whirlwind of parties and after creating my own wine club, cooking up some intense intricate recipes for my Oscar party, hosting a quick dinner for Chinese New Year and throwing a Mardi Gras blowout bash, I am absolutely exhausted! I was thinking about going all out this week again before I realized that both my half birthday (yes I celebrate my half birthday!) and St. Patrick's Day are just around the corner and I'm going to need next week to focus on making these events as incredible as they can possibly be. That's why this week I am throwing a different kind of party, a party for one! That's right I am throwing a party where I celebrate myself and I want you to do the same. Think about it, how often are we allowed to celebrate ourselves? Sure once a year on our birthdays (and our half birthdays!), and for special occasions like a graduation or a promotion or an engagement, but after all of the hard work you do, don't you think you deserve more than a couple of parties? Why not throw yourself a party in which you celebrate the most important person in your life: YOU! It's time to get planning and first things first we have to figure out who to invite so read more

There is one super special important person you have to invite to this event: yourself! This is going to be an event where you take some alone time to eat what you want to eat, drink what you want to drink, do what want to do, and listen to what you want to listen to (more of that to come later in the week). To assemble this invitation you will need:

  • a free night
  • a post-it or a large sheet of paper
  • a marker in your favorite color
  • any decorations you may like to jazz up the invite with
  • tape

To make this invitation:

  1. Instead of sending out invitations you may have to send out un-invitations. If you have plans on Friday night cancel them. Tell your significant other that you are taking a night off to celebrate yourself and throw a special party for 1. Don't be mean about it, suggest that he take advantage of the occasion and have a guy's night out. Trust me, one planned night where you spend some time alone hosting a party will do wonders for your relationship and your well being.

  2. Write yourself a note on the post it or on a large piece of paper. Here is what I wrote on mine:
    Party, please join me for a special celebration for a fabulous, worthy, wonderful person...you!
    Love your beautiful self, Party
    See you Friday Night, March 9
    When you get home from work the fun begins!

  3. Tape your invitation to a mirror or the back of your door, someplace where you will see it and be reminded of your party.

You may be thinking, Party do you really want me to do this? As crazy as it sounds I do. I talked to DearSugar and she totally approves of the idea, in fact so much so she said, don't forget to send yourself a thank you note afterwards! I actually do stuff like this and I mean if you can't honestly take care of and truly love yourself how can you take care of those you love and those who love you? Much more on this party throughout the week so be sure to keep on reading! What are your thoughts on this idea? Please share with me below!