There is something so magical about Christmas dinner. Sitting down with my family at a table filled with delicious food always makes me incredibly happy, especially when the Christmas tree is twinkling in the background.

This week I'm planning our Christmas dinner and I'm inviting you along for the journey. Christmas is an occasion special enough to require paper invitations. You can download, print, and fill out our Christmas Party Invites or make a festive little card like I did here. To see how it's done, read more

To make an invitation similar to the one seen here you will need the following supplies:

  • cardstock
  • small card size pieces of cardstock
  • decorative paper
  • scissors
  • glue
  • glitter or ribbon (optional)
  • computer and printer

To assemble the invite:

  1. Start by creating a new Word document. Write out the details of the party. For text on both the back and the front of the invitation, space out accordingly. I used the font Savoye LET in size 36 and 22 bold to write the following message:

    You’re Invited

    To Christmas dinner at PartySugar’s house.
    Tuesday December 25, 2007
    6:00 in the evening
    Please let us know if you can come!

    Print out the text on a piece of paper and check for spelling and grammatical errors. Once satisfied with the text print out on the cardstock. Set aside.

  2. Trace the card size piece of cardstock on to the back of the decorative paper. Cut the decorative paper inside the traced line down to size.

  3. Glue the decorative paper to one side of the small piece of cardstock. Turn over.

  4. Cut the detail text down to size with festive scissors. Glue to the back of the small piece of cardstock. Turn over.

  5. Cut the You're Invited text down to size and glue to the decorative paper.

  6. Decorate creatively by adding bows or glitter to the back. I kept mine simple with a red bow below the text on the back of the invite.

  7. Slide into an envelope, address in your best handwriting, and send!