I love Mexican food so much that sometimes I like to pretend I'm Latina - which is why I naturally love Cinco de Mayo celebrations. Ok, ok I really love practically every holiday/reason for a celebration, but Cinco de Mayo is one that I go out of my way to do something super extra special. Last year I went to dinner at a packed restaurant with a mariachi band and the year before I hosted a fabulous Mexican themed dinner party. I was pleasantly surprised when my sister called me about two months ago and asked me what I was doing for Cinco de Mayo. Turns out she signed up to be the Senior in charge of her sorority's BBQ and she wanted me to fly down to San Diego and help host the party with her. So this Friday afternoon I'm hopping on a plane and jetting down south. I've got a full week of planning ahead of me, this is one serious event with 300 people possibly in attendance!! This is going to be my biggest party yet - the last large event I hosted was a retirement party for my dad with a guest list of 150. In order for me not to get nervous, I've got to throw myself into making the invites (which is really more like a flyer than an invite), so come party with me and read more

To assemble this invite you will need an image (I started out with this one) for inspiration, a computer, and a printer.

To make this flyer:

  1. Drag the image into photoshop. With the eye dropper select the background color. Next I used the insert oval tool to cover up all of the text with yellow ovals. I then added text boxes and filled in the information of the event:
    Kappa Kup
    The Sisters Of Kappa Kappa Gamma
    invite you to their annual soccer tournament and barbeque
    Cinco de Mayo
    Muir Field
    All proceeds from the event will be donated to the San Diego Center for Children and The Rose McGill Fund.
    Entrance fee for all teams are $45 and will be donated to the charity. Raffle tickets will be sold at $1 each for an opportunity to win gift cards, and other donated prizes!

    Instead of using one singular font I mixed things up and used three different ones: BlairMdITC TT, Copperplate Gothic, and Hoefler Text in various sizes.

  2. Print out the flyer in the size of your choice. I printed out two per page. Double check for grammar errors and read through the text to ensure there are no mistakes. Unfortunately, I took the pictures for making this invitation, before I did this step (I was just so excited at how great it came out!), so if you look closely at the flyer in the images you may notice a few errors. Luckily I caught and corrected the blunders before I printed out a mass quantity of the invitation.

  3. Cut down to size.

What do you think of the flyer? The best thing about this invitation is that it can be printed out in many sizes from a small hand out flyer to a large poster advertising the event. Come along with me as I take on the biggest party of my life all this week.